Brow Services

Microblading/Hair Strokes


Includes one touch-up within 2 months. This procedure creates natural looking hair-strokes on the skin to give the appearance of natural grown brow hairs.  What nature didn’t give you … microblading does! 

Maintenance fees: 

  • Touchup 2-9 months     $185
  • Yearly Touchup $400

Combo Brows


When microblading isn’t enough to fill in the gaps in the eyebrow, a combo of hair strokes and powder is a good solution.  It gives a soft powdered look underneath with hair strokes on top to give hair like definition. Includes 1 touch-up within 2 months.

Ombre Brows


If you’re looking to have fuller-looking brows, or for those who have oily skin and are unable to have success with microblading, shading is a great solution to achieve bolder-looking brows. Shading consists of various techniques done with a hand tool or a machine in creating soft shades or bold shades and can even be combined with your microblading hair stroke. This combination is often referred to as ombre brows. Aside from the popular Ombre Brow, 3D BROWS Founder Patty Willardsen has developed her own combinations of soft shades and hair strokes, known in the industry as Pixie or Stardust Brow.

Color Correction


Are you unhappy with the COLOR and or SHAPE of your eyebrows? Our founder, Patty Willardsen, is a mastered corrective work also know as eyebrow tattoo removal. If you have had prior microblading or old permanent makeup we can re-work what the past artist has done and fix the shape and the color, then remove whatever pigment is left outside of our new stencil.Depending on the age of your tattoos, eyebrow tattoo removal can be done with in just a few appointments. CORRECTIONS- There are two different ways that we can go about corrections: One is lightening the brow to almost non-existent by pulling out all the color, and the other is color correcting a brow that has turned colors. 



Not happy with your previous eyebrow tattoo?  We are happy to take care of that!  Depending on how old the brow tattoo is, depends on how many removal treatments we will have to do.  $200 each session.

Brow Wax & Tint fees:

  • BROW WAX $20
  • BROW TINT $15
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